Monday, January 15, 2007

The Wedding

We were so blessed to be able to attend the wedding of Amy and David recently. For those of you who don't know, Amy is Rebekah's birth mother. We were so blessed the day Amy came into our lives, not just because of the awesome gift of Rebekah, but also because Amy and her family have become our family too. They are just wonderful, godly people and we love them. Amy and David look so happy and they are so committed to the Lord. We are just terribly excited for them. Congratulations, Amy and David!!!!!!!!

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What a nice pic of the three of them! I think it's great that you are able to have a relationship with Rebekah's birth mom. Not everyone can say that! And nice pictures from Christmas and Disneyland! Your girls are good sports to pose for your pictures. My kids get tired of me always having the camera in hand, too!


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Happy New Year!!!!!!

We went to the Hoffman's house for New Year's eve... the kids had a great time playing games and such before watching the ball drop at midnight and making a lot of noise!

Hannah and Kelsey toast in the new year with Sparkling Cranberry Cider

Bekah and Kirsten "ring" in the new year with Noise makers

Hannah and Kelsey ride the Bumper cars at John's Incredible Pizza on January 1st.. Dawn and I took the kids while Jon and Tim stayed home to watch football...

On the 2nd we went down to Disneyland one more time before our passes expired on the 3rd. We had a great time, but the park was a "little" crowded. (they stopped selling tickets into Disneyland because it was so full, but we didn't have to wait terribly long for rides)

They have recently redone Pirates of the Carribean to include Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie (I knew you would like to see this, Nat) The animation is so incredible it looks like Johnny Depp is actually there! (this is not the greatest picture, but trust me, it does!)

The girls are willing to only pose once for a picture.. they get super tired of their scrapbooking mom and her endless snapshots.

We hope that you too, had a terrific New Year and will have a great year! J.

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Ok, so it is now January, but I thought that you might like to see some Christmas photos...

Bekah had a musical performance on the last day of school.

And the kids choir at church sang on Christmas eve...

The girls in their new Tinkerbell Pajamas on Christmas Morning... They are waiting anxiously for Nana, Aunt Ruth, and Uncle Bill to arrive so they can open presents.

Hannah got an Ipod Nano (green) from Santa, an Ipod alarm clock from Mimi and Dadad, a parakeet from Daddy, a new bedroom makeover from Mommy, and Many more things. She was terribly spoiled by everyone! Here she is with a gift card to her favorite store, Kohls, from Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bill.

Bekah was equally spoiled... she got a video Now player from Santa, a parakeet from Daddy, a Polly pocket Cruise ship from Mimi and Dadad, a slushie maker from Nana, and Many, many more things... here she is in a beautiful jacket from Aunt Nat.

We had a spectacular Christmas... wish we could spend it with all of you...

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