Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of School... REALLY THE FIRST DAY!

So, today was the first day of school for the girls. I think they were excited because when I got up at 5:50am, Bekah was already up and fully dressed watching tv! Hannah was up already too, but still working on getting ready! I thought that I was going to be dragging them out of bed because they have been staying up late and sleeping in all summer!

This was also the REAL first day of Hannah's school. The Charter school had a ribbon cutting ceremony at 7:45. Hannah is really excited to be part of this brand new school. She is on the ASB as the Commissioner of Clubs and Athletics. She is already really busy. GO SPARTANS!!

Here are some pics from the morning!

Here they are in all their splendor, wide awake before the sun was up!!!

Here the ASB members are introduced. The look on Hannah's face is the "don't take any more pictures" look that I get alot these days!

The ribbon Cutting... Orcutt Academy High School is officially opened with its first graduating class, the class of 2012 beginning the journey.

Blue and white balloons, released with a cheer! GO SPARTANS!

After sending Hannah off to face her high school classes, it was Bekah's turn to head to school. She was greeted with screams and hugs from her bff Kiana and her friend Dorin.

Bekah with her Teacher Mr. Greenup. Off to 5th grade!

They are off to school and I am back to work... Summer is officially over!

OH, and Happy 51st Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Concert Season

I hadn't been to a concert for a decade or so, until May that is. Julie and I went to see Carrie Underwood (see the post in May about that). Then we found out that Fergie was coming to the Paso Fair and Hannah thought that would be fun to go. So we bought tickets. The concert was Thursday, so we went up to the Fair, spent the day (it was HOT) and the kids rode some rides. Then we went to the concert. The opening band was HORRIBLE! Just HORRIBLE! Then Fergie came out and sang for about 40 minutes (minus the brief times to change clothes) and came out for an encore. Tim was SO MAD! He was upset that a concert would only be about 40 minutes long. I told him that Carrie Underwood probably only sang for about 15 minutes longer than this at her concert. He couldn't believe it. After the concert, the kids rode some more, we had funnel cake and came home. We got home about 1 am.

Friday, Tim and I had tickets to see James Tayor at the Santa Barbara Bowl. So Tim's mom came to stay with the kids and we got a hotel in Santa Barbara. We met Craig and Sue for dinner and then they went to the concert with us. The night was BEAUTIFUL! The Santa Barbara bowl is a unique venue. We could see the ocean from our seats. JT came out and did 2 forty minute sets AND a 3 song encore. So, Tim was happy that someone still knows how to put on a good show! I think that I have spent my Concert allotment for the next decade, but it was fun!