Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So we heard the news report that predicted 17-25 foot waves at Morro Bay. We got in the car and headed out to see them. The kids complained the WHOLE way there that they didn't care about big waves and they didn't want to go... 45 minutes later, we pull into the parking lot by the Morro Rock and... Ok, so they weren't 17 ft waves... they were maybe 10 ft. Tim and the girls didn't even get out of the car, but I came to see waves, and Darn it, I was going to take a picture. So I got out in the FREEZING wind and snapped about 30 pictures... here is one of the better ones:

On the way back around Morro Bay, we saw a group of 4 sea otters. The kids LOVED that and it made up for the poor waves.

So the day wasn't a total loss! Next time, tho, I am going to insist on a phone call to a local restaurant or something to confirm BIG WAVES! J.

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oh my gosh those otters are so cool!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm a BAD Blogger....

WoW!!!! I can't believe that it has been so long since I updated this blog! Let's see... Highlights??...

Tim's football team went down to play Covina and lost a close game. They were very sad to be out of the playoffs... but we are glad to have Daddy around a bit more.

Hannah got on the Honor Roll for her first semester of Junior High. We are very proud of her, especially since we decided to let her "sink or swim" and didn't do much checking up on her.

I had a birthday. I got a pretty hot pink Ipod for my birthday! I LOVE it. I will try not to sing with the headphones in and ignore you all.

We just got back from Disneyland. We went down to see the Christmas decorations. Had a great time. Here are some pictures.

Riding in the fire truck down main street

Mater (like T Mater with out the T)

Hannah on King Triton's Carousel

Bekah on King Triton's Carousel

With Santa (Hannah was less than thrilled to have me MAKE her take a photo with Santa)

Small World.. all lit up.

R2D2 made completely out of Legos... at the Lego store.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!! J.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Geek Squad

So Bekah goes to Math Club after school on Tuesdays... her teacher lets them play all the math games she has and can work with anyone who needs help... So, she comes home two weeks ago telling me that Matthew in her class was going to wear a "geek sqaud" shirt to math club. She thought that this was terribly funny... when I asked why, she said "you know mom... Geek: people who like math and stuff, and squad: like a group, a bunch, a CLUB, a squad... get it?

Fast forward to Sunday. Kid's choir singing at church. They wear tshirts with the choir name, and jeans. They have to tuck in their shirts. So she is dressing, I say "we need to tuck in your shirt" I proceed to tuck in her shirt. She looks in the mirror and says in a deadpan tone "this is just great... you might as well just write geek squad on the back of my shirt!" I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.... that is all. J.

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Soccer is over!!!!

Well, after a busy weekend, the soccer season is finally over! I love the soccer season, in theory... I just am very tired of it by November! This weekend we had perfect November weather (sunny and 80 degrees) for the end of the year soccer tourney. Here is how our weekend went:

Friday- Bekah had a birthday party to attend at 5pm, so right after picking up Hannah at school, we went to the store to buy the birthday girl a gift. We also needed to buy gifts to fill a shoe box for a boy in the orphanage in Mexico that our church helps. We bought the gift and shoe box fillings and got home just in time for Bekah to run down the street to the party. We picked Bekah up at 7pm (an hour early) so we could get to the High School football field. We went to the St. Joseph-Torrance football game. This was a first round CIF matchup at St. Joe. The Knights won 35-8. Now they are off to play Covina on Friday (YES, the day after Thanksgiving...)- this is a 3 hour drive that the girls and I WON'T be making. (I won't go to an away game even if it is just across town!)

Saturday- Soccer tourney day... Bekah started the day with a 10 am game. They were undefeated the whole season and a favorite to win the tournament. They lost the first game 1-2... shock, dismay, bewilderment... Hannah was next with a game at 11 am. They were also a favorite team. The season went well with only 2 losses,9 wins and 1 tie. They won the first match up, 2-1. Then we ran back to Bekah's field to see her team play at 12:30. They won this time 2-1. There was a short break to run to Jack in the Box for lunch, and then we were back at Hannah's field at 2:00 to see her team tie the other team 0-0. Then back to Bekah's field to see them win again 1-0. We were expecting that Bekah's team would have to have to play on Sunday in the finals... but the loss in the morning kept them out of the top 4 (they acutally tied for fourth with the team that beat them, so they were fifth) and they didn't get to come back and play for the cup. When I told Bekah that her team wouldn't be playing any more, she said "oh, darn" and with a little smile on her face, went back to playing with her toys... I think she is tired of Soccer too!

Saturday night- I had to wrap the shoe box gift to take to church- let me tell you, I am the packing queen! I got pants, shirt, shoes, socks, underwear(for a 12 year old boy),toys (games, cars, ball etc), toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, lotion, shampoo, pencils, notebook, calendar and some other little things into the shoe box. It was closed and HEAVY!

Later saturday night- I had to make 2 gift albums for the coaches of Bekah's team for the party on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday- Church- Bekah needs to be there early because the kid's choir is singing. So we race to church... she sings both services, I teach High Surf second service, and then Hannah and I race to the soccer fields for day 2. Her team is in 3rd place. But both teams ahead of us are who we play. So, game one starts at 12:40 and they win 1-0. Game 2 doesn't start until 2:50 so we have time to run yet again to Jack in the Box for lunch. Game 2 is do or die for Hannah's team. They need to win to take first place, tie to remain in second place. If they lose, they are in 3rd place and out of the trophy ceremonies. They play hard and tie 0-0 (this team we had played 2 times in the season, lost 2-0 once and tied them 2-2 once) so they finish the tournament in 2nd place. They get the trophies and we run to Bekah's team party. We got home at 6:30 and were all quite tired of being gone!

Oh, and for thanksgiving, I now am sporting a very november like sunburn! J.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006


Well, We had a fun and spooky halloween. This year, Hannah outdid herself in the scary department! Check out her "Frankenstein's Daughter" costume (she designed it herself, picked up some things at the thrift store, and others at Target...)

Bekah was the cutest rock star you have ever seen... watch out Hannah Montana!

We went trick or treating... it was the first time, in a long time, that we didn't go to a festival or something, so we walked for MILES around the neighborhood. The girls were worn out when we got home AND the bags were FULL! They had a great time.

We also tried carving pumpkins this year (well, yes, we have done that before, but not like these!)

While we are proud of our pumpkins, they don't even begin to compare to the man down the street... he has people come from as far away as Idaho (ok, Mom and Dad go every year.. that counts) to see his masterpieces. These are a few of my favorites from this year:

So, that was our Halloween... on Thursday, the kids were out of school (genius move by the district, I must say... they have an inservice day so the teachers don't have to deal with the sleep deprived, sugar hangover kids!) so we went with Mimi and Dadad to Boomers to play miniature golf. They left for Arizona this morning. The house seems empty and quiet. We miss them and Aunt Dee already! Hope your Halloween was safe and fun! J.

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Whee! Thanks for sharing the Halloween pictures! Always glad to see what's happening in your neck of the woods. Halloween night was clear and cool but the very next day the fall rain and storming started and it hasn't let up since! It's definitely fall in (western) Oregon! Take care! - Nat

Posted by: Natalie November 03, 2006 at 05:18 PM

Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall is in the air (well, as much as it gets in the California air anyway)

Hey there... just a few pictures of the season...

Here we are all dressed up at the wedding in Tucson... You won't see this very often in our family, so take a good look! We clean up pretty darn good, don't we?

Bekah and her buddy, Austin, at the pumpkin patch. They were on a field trip. Mom, Dad and Aunt Dee (dad's sister, for those non family people reading) and I crashed the field trip and got some cute pictures.

Aunt Dee, Dad and Mom were ordered to stand for a picture... they didn't want to, but I made them!

Bekah painted a pumpkin for a contest at AWANA... SHE WON FIRST PLACE... She was so excited!

I love the fall... J.

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Great family picture! I wish I could get one of my family where we all look that good.

Congrats to Bekah. Cute pumpkin!

Posted by: Tiffany H | October 27, 2006 at 08:06 PM

Hey! Love, love, love the pictures. Keep them coming! Fall in the Northwest has been surprisingly wonderful as well - clear, warm days with just a hint of breeze and cold nights and mornings. So far so good - but the rain is surely on the way.

Have a great fall - I miss you and love you all - Aunt Nat

Posted by: Natalie | October 29, 2006 at 02:38 PM

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We're back!

Well this weekend we had a great time in Tucson. We went to Tim's niece Carin's wedding.

We had a ball. The reception was interrupted by a HUGE thunder storm... we had about 1/2 an hour of hard rain and lightning (so close that you didn't have time to count for the thunder it was instantaneous!), but then when the rain let up, the party really began!

Carin and Matthew (cousins) share a fun dance

Conga line!

More Conga...

Cousins, Matthew, Hannah and Bekah

All dressed up!

We all got to meet the newest family member, Leo (9weeks), here he is with Great Uncle Marv and Great Aunt Janice

Too cool... and what a heart breaker she is going to be!
We also got to see the Strand family on our way thru the Phoenix area

Kylie, Torie, Hannah and Bekah

That was really nice! We miss them SO much! We are so happy for them and what God will do with their family. We enjoyed seeing their beautiful new Arizona home!

It was a GREAT trip... but the 12 hour drive is a KILLER!

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Great Times! Thanks for the memories and the pictures! It was so wonderful to have the whole clan in one spot to celebrate this occasion! YEAH! GO CARIN and JOHN!

Posted by: Matt Pettey | October 18, 2006 at 01:14 AM

We loved your newest blog!!! It was so great to see you all at Amy & David's wedding -- thank you again for coming! And for saying those sweet things about us! You are truly part of our family, and hope we can get together again before too long!! Stephanie and I took a carload of gifts up to their condo (while they're still in San Francisco on their honeymoon) today. So soon I'll be able to actually take down my Christmas tree, etc! It's been so busy getting ready for the wedding, that I haven't had time! Love to you all. Peggy

Posted by: peggy Hofmeister | January 16, 2007 at 05:14 PM

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hannah and I are planning on going on an Educational Adventures trip to Washington DC, Williamsburg, Gettysburg, Jamestown and several other places. We are going over spring break. It should be loads of fun... and exhausting at the same time! I am going to have to save every penny I make from now until the payment deadline to come up with the money, but it is a great opportunity for her (and me, since I have never been to DC)... I only wish we had known about it earlier, so I could have started saving sooner. Now I know, so when Bekah is in 7th grade, I will not be so unprepared!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Am I weird???

OK, just an observation... I think that I am a tad Obsessive/Compulsive... just a tad. Here is why I think that... I HAVE to play Boggle on my computer before I shut it down... HAVE TO. AND I can't just play Boggle, I have my own set of rules... I can only play if there are 30 words or less to be found... I am not sure why. Ok, maybe I do know why. My husband says "you can't get a high score that way.." well YEAH, but I am NOT trying for a high score.. I am trying to BEAT the game. I want to find ALL the words on the list and in 2 1/2 minutes, you just can't find 75 or 168 words. So, I start the game over and over and over until it comes up with a game that only has a few words to find. So, am I weird? I guess everyone has little "quirks" this just happens to be ONE of mine! J.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


Ok, just a few things... I think that I have an illness... I know that my husband thinks so! I just bought 3 things on ebay... not because I needed them, but just because! Now, I did save a BOATLOAD of money, but still...

I purchased a brighton wallet (retail $60) for $14 (including shipping), a brighton coin purse (retail $30) for $9 (including shipping) and a pair of brighton shoes (retail $150) for $28 (including shipping)... you can get some good deals on ebay!

Also, as I was walking around Target today, I had to keep "hitching" my pants up.. so I bought a belt! I guess I am losing weight! (well, I know that I am, it is just nice to see the results!)

Ok, enough rambling... later! J.

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Okay, finally catching up on my blog reading. I hope the souveniers softened the "missing out" on CE. I'm telling ya, we gotta make next year happen for you...gotta be a way! Love the pics of Bekah's hair, by the way...can't wait to see you scrap them! Hugs, JR

Posted by: Julie | September 18, 2006 at 08:29 PM

Hey Nettey - You haven't updated for over a week. What's new at the Pettey household??

Posted by: Nat | September 21, 2006 at 05:27 PM

Saturday, September 9, 2006


Soccer began today. Both the girls had games. Bekah's started at 3pm. Her team won 5-2. She did really well. She just needs to remember that she is FAST and can catch up to the girls with the ball.

Hannah's game started at 3:30pm, so we missed the first half. They were ahead 2-0 at the end of the first half. During the second half, Hannah was goalie. The ball only came down to that end of the field once! She did well in grabbing the ball and giving it a huge monster kick to get it back to the other half of the field. Other than that, she leaned on the goal post... they ended up winning 7-0. So, we are off to a great start... only 9 more Saturday's to go. J.

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Yay for your girls! My boys won their game, too. I dread the day either one of them has to play goalie. That makes me so nervous. I wish I would have remembered my camera like you did. What a bad mom/scrapper I am!

Posted by: Tiffany | September 09, 2006 at 09:01 PM

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


I am jealous... yeah, I am. I tried NOT to be jealous, but I can't help it. Tomorrow, my friends are heading to Arizona to attend the VERY FIRST CREATIVE ESCAPES............ I WANT TO BE THERE!!!!!! Sigh... I am still paying off my credit card from the CKU that I attended in June.... sigh... it is Soccer and Football and crazy time around here so even if I could afford to go, I couldn't afford the time to go.... sigh....so, there you have it... I am missing out, and I am not happy about it! J.

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I would be jealous too! CKU was awesome, so I can only imagine what a Creative Escapes would be like! Love your blog!

Posted by: Cathy Compeau | September 08, 2006 at 10:21 AM

As you know, I am green with envy here too! I hope they are having a great time. Sigh..

Posted by: Tiffany | September 09, 2006 at 08:59 PM

Hey Janette - Just wanted you to know I'm keeping tabs on you all with your blog. Hope you're all doing well. I miss you! Your big sis - Natalie

Posted by: Nat | September 11, 2006 at 05:58 PM

Friday, August 25, 2006

One week down...

Well, one week of school is down, just 35 more to go! Hannah is enjoying Jr. High so far. She doesn't elaborate much these days. Bekah is in 3rd grade and loves it so far (3 days... the honeymoon period with a new teacher... we will see how much she loves it next week!) I am all out of sorts... the scrapper mom that I am, I have a little first day of school routine... this year it is all out of whack. Normally, I start the first day of school photo shoot with a picture by my roses... well, Hannah started school the day before Bekah, and we didn't get one of her on her first day at all! Then the next day, we took the picture, but technically, it was Hannah's 2nd day... how am I going to title that in her book???? 2nd Day of School just doesn't have the right ring to it.

Then, I am accustomed to getting all the traditional shots: In front of the school's sign, in front of the classroom door, with the teacher, with some friends, at the desk, etc. Well, this year I had to rush, because I needed to get Hannah to her school too. So we only got the school sign and the teacher picture.

And what is more, my 12 year old Jr. Higher won't LET me photograph her at school, so her first day of school layout will consist of only one picture???? I don't think so! I may drag her over there this weekend and pose in front of the school sign... I mean I already blew the first day, so who cares if it is the weekend AFTER the first day??? I tell you, this Jr. High thing has really thrown a wrench into my style! J.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bekah's new hair!

I have been in agony over Bekah's hair! She broke down sobbing, earlier this summer, about how she hated it! Well, we decided that she could get it relaxed. I have been dreading this day... I LOVE her cute and curly hair. But, it isn't MY hair, and I don't want her so sad about her curls. So, today was THE DAY! I couldn't sleep most of last night, and this morning, I tried again to talk her out of it. She, on the other hand, bounced out of bed SO EXCITED! So, we headed over to Joanne's to get her hair relaxed. She was beaming as she sat down in the chair.

She was so good. She sat still and didn't even yell at Joanne when she tugged on it (she regularly yells at me to stop hurting her when I comb out her hair!)

I was really surprised to find out how long her hair really was! I think Joanne must have cut off at least 4 inches!

After it was all over (about 2 hours) I bought her a new lip gloss and then tried to get one good picture of the new do... I snapped about 6 and this was the best one, but still she has a goofy smile... so,imagine the same smile as the first picture and the hair in this last picture.

I am still not used to the way she looks, but she hasn't quit smiling yet! J.

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Aw, she looks GORGEOUS! They did a great job!

Posted by: Lynn Decker | August 15, 2006 at 01:21 PM

Bravo!!!! She looks completely happy with with it. Actually she doesn't have that shy, bashful Bekah look in the "after" picture, but looks like a confident young girl.:-) On the flip side- she doesn't look like she's 8 years old anymore with the Cindy Brady braids. :-(

Posted by: Mishal Wood | August 15, 2006 at 10:35 PM

Her hair is gorgeous! OMG! She is a beautiful girl! Hope daddy is ready for when she starts dating!

Posted by: Cathy Compeau | September 08, 2006 at 10:22 AM

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's only AUGUST!!!!!!!!!

Ok, two random thoughts...

I saw Hallmark Christmas Ornaments in the store today!!!!!!!!!! Hello?... It's only August!!!!!!! School hasn't even started!

And second, have you tasted the Strawberries and cream diet pepsi???? It sounds gross, but really I like it alot! That's it... J.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


We got home last night at 11:30... now, you must understand... we were at Lake Tahoe yesterday morning... a 7 hour drive. We left Lake Tahoe at almost 1 pm (Bekah insisted on ONE MORE round of mini golf!) We did have a spectacular time at Tahoe... the water was up to 70 degrees.. I think that is a record (did you know that Lake Tahoe is over 1600 feet deep in the deepest part? and that the average depth is 1000 feet... AND that the water in Lake Tahoe would cover the entire state of California with 2 inches of water?) Anyhoo... here are some pictures...

SO back to the travel story... ok, so we leave Tahoe just before 1pm... let's see, 7 hours driving, lets say 1 1/2 hours for gas and dinner... that puts us home at ... 9:30? SO why did we come dragging in at 11:30???

It all started in the Rocklin area (Hi Louise!)... there was bumper to bumper traffic... so we think... maybe it would be better to get off the freeway and take surface streets (we needed to stop for gas anyway... since we only put in $10 at Truckee, because $3.19 seemed HIGH)... so we get gas in Rocklin (at, you guessed it... $3.19!), and keep going on these surface streets. Let me just say that I am now painfully aware of how big the Sacto area really is! Well, the girls start complaining that they are now hungry... you need to understand that my husband was bent on eating at the Chili's in Salinas for dinner and Salinas was still hours away. So, we tell them that we will pull into the first fast food place we find and get them some fries. I can't tell you how many miles went by, on surface streets still, with no fast food on our side of the street... then we are almost back to the freeway and we see a McDonalds. Well, the girls had their hearts set on Burger king (better fries they said), so we passed the McD's and got back on the freeway. We told them that we would get off on the next exit that we saw fast food. The first exit had a sign for McDonalds, so we ask... "this McDonalds or wait for the next exit?" They elected to wait. So we come to the Elk Creek exit. I know that there is a Walmart on Elk Creek Blvd cuz my walmart atlas said so.... so we think there must be fast food here... we exit and proceed to drive 10 minutes away from the freeway...never did see Walmart or any fast food... We hang a left on the next BIG street (after we decide to give up) and drive north (yeah, home is SOUTH) until we get to a big street to turn back to the freeway... well, guess what, this is the SAME exit with the McDonalds that we passed 30 minutes earlier. So the girls consent to McDonalds. Great, we order fries, use the bathroom and are on our way... so our short cut with the search for food... took us 2 hours longer. Now in all fairness, we don't know if the traffic in Sacto would have delayed us anyway, but we definitely had an adventure!

Long story short(er), we are home and glad to be here!!!!!

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Friday, August 4, 2006

The Journey- July 31- August 4

Hello from Western Idaho!

We arrived on Sunday evening, just before dark. The trip from Grand Junction was LONG but beautiful. We drove right through Provo Utah... meca of all things scrapbooking. BUT, I didn't stop at any stores. I am still being a good girl and honoring my vow to not buy anymore stuff until I scrapbook 25 pages.

We got to my mom and dad's house and my Brother's middle son, Drexell, was there to greet us with Mom and Dad and my Sister, Nat. Drexell (4years old) and Bekah have had a fab time playing together. He is her "mini me" shadow. Anything Bekah does, he must do also.

We spent Monday thru Thursday Hanging out, playing games, water balloon/squirt gun battles, etc. The temperature has been in the low 90's. Very nice. We are trying to avoid the outdoors in the early mornings and late evenings. Don't want to be out with the mosquitos.

On Thursday evening, My Brother, Drex, and the rest of his family arrived. I got to meet my nephew, Fletcher. He is almost 4 months old (I think).

Today we went to the Malhuer County Fair. When I was a kid, I was in 4-H and took market lambs to the fair. I was excited to go back and see my old stomping grounds. I don't think that I have been to the fair in Ontario for about 20 years. Let me just say... it is much smaller than I remember! We are going back this evening to see the Rodeo. We will be staying here until Tuesday, then we will be heading to Lake Tahoe. I may not get to update you again until we are back home. I will post pictures then also... Dial up... Later! J.

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Hi Janette! We miss you at ScrapLove, but it looks like you're having a great time! Have fun, and be safe!

Posted by: Lynn Decker | August 09, 2006 at 08:05 AM

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Journey - I have lost track of what day this is!

Hello again from Westcliff Colorado... we came down to "town" to get some ice cream today, so I thought that I would fill you in.

We have been having a great time at Camp. We have met some great people- (if you are reading this Trish or Jolene, I am talking about you!) It looks like we get to come back next year, although it will be a different week, so we won't see the same people. :o(

Hannah went on a horseback ride today. She loved it, but is now sneezing!

Bekah is loving the frisbee golf and bowling and she and her friends are building a fort!

tonight is the last night of camp. We need to say goodbye to all our new friends and head out tomorrow. We are going to drive to Glennwood Springs, Colorado. We will swim in their wonderful hot springs pool and then head to Grand Junction in the evening. Then On Sunday, we head to Idaho to my folks house (10 + hours). I will catch you up then. Later! J.

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Very cool photography even without the "people." So you finally got to witness the "strip"...was it bumper to bumper like every time we drive it? It is interesting to see all the different buildings for sure. It's been too-too hot here but finally cooled down a little today. I know, who am I to whine when you're probably cookin,' but you know us wimpy SMers. Gotta go pick up the boy from Mania. Hugs, JR

Posted by: Julie | July 31, 2006 at 08:00 PM

Package was on the porch...all's well. jr

Posted by: Julie | August 01, 2006 at 07:34 PM

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Journey Days 3 to 10 and beyond

Day 3- Well, finding internet access has been interesting! I am finally back online to update you all. I am sitting in our car outside an internet cafe that has curbside access (for free... I am not stealing it!). This is day 10 I think, but let me tell you about our adventures so far.

We left Fresno and drove to Springdale Utah, just outside the Zion National Park gate. We drove through Las Vegas... I had never been there.. the stri p is very interesting. The kids were entertained. We saw our first lightning storm in St. George Utah. (A side note for the Barnes clan.. there is a taco time in several small Utah towns! )

Day 4- We drove into Zion National Park. It is very beautiful! The highlight for the kids was catching water drips from a cliff. They collected almost a 16 oz bottle full, which we are dutifully bringing back to California.

After we spent a few hours in Zion, we drove to Ruby's Inn, Utah which is just outside the gate of Bryce Canyon National Park. It is a cute little western town (all owned by the same family) and we went swimming. We continued to see spectacular thunderstorms that evening.

Day 5- We went into Bryce Canyon NP and spent a few hours. Like the day before, the girls did the Junior Ranger program, earning a badge from each national park. Bryce Canyon is spectacular! However, the bad mom that I am, I neglected to get any pictures with people in them! We were chased out by a thunderstorm and started driving to Ouray (youRAY) Colorado. We didn't arrive until 10pm... whew what a long day!

Day 6and 7- We spent some time in wonderful Ouray. There is a natural hot springs there and we spent the day in the pool there... AGAIN, I got no pictures of people. Only of the amazing HAIL storm we encountered. Then we drove to the camp at Horn Creek, Colorado. We encountered a hail storm on the top of Monarch Pass (11,000 + feet)... that was a little interesting to say the least. So... fast forward to today, we are doing well, adjusting to the 9000 ft altitude and enjoying our time here. We have been fishing (well Tim, Bekah and I) and Hannah has connected with a group of Jr. High girls and we really don't see much of her.

there is so much more to tell (all much funnier than this) but I am not able to spend any longer on the computer... Later... J.

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Great pictures! Looks like you are having a wonderful vacation!