Saturday, January 31, 2009

Proud of my girls!

I am always proud of my girls, but this weekend I am REALLY PROUD!
Friday, Bekah receive the Student of the Month award for her classroom. This is 6 years in a row that she has been a student of the month!
Then tonight was Hannah's first high school formal dance. She worked really hard with the ASB on decorations and planning. They were down there last night and again today decorating. We had gotten her a beautiful dress in Fresno (see post below) and she LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Here are pictures I snapped in the living room.. bad lighting and dark, I will post the professional dance pictures when we get them back, but wanted to share.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


As most of you know (if you read my blog, you know anyway) that Hannah is at a brand new charter high school this year. That means that everything they do is a "first" almost. Hannah has been playing on the girls soccer team. It has been a rough season so far. First, there are only enough players to play most games. We are lucky if we have a sub. Then they are playing teams that have at least Sophomores on them. Some teams we play have juniors and seniors on the team as well. We have no home games, because we didn't have CIF sanctioned goals (we do now, so next season we can have home games.). The team has been working really hard. Practicing every day, really getting to know each other, etc. They had 2 games before the Christmas break, they lost them both 5-1. Then they practiced all during the break and last saturday played their 3rd game. They lost 8-1. Still they weren't getting too concerned. Heck the school wasn't even planning on offering soccer, but the kids went out to their classmates and recruited players so they could field a team! They are just happy to be playing!

Well, today started off as a "chamber of commerce" day! GORGEOUS weather! It was sunny, not windy and into the low 80's! Not bad for January. We drove out to Midland School to play their girls' team. Again we would be playing a team with all four grades on it. Midland is a rustic setting out in the hills (right across the street from the drive way to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch..) It is a boarding school that costs $35 thousand a year. The kids live in cabins that are heated with wood stoves. They have to start a fire to heat the water to take a shower. They go to school 6 days a week! So we are out there on this beautiful day, watching history! WE WON! 6-0!!!!! Hannah saw very little action as she is the only goalie and so she was on the side of the field where the ball wasn't most of the game. The 3 times it came anywhere near her, she blocked and kicked really well! Here is a picture of her in mid drop kick. Now we can say the Spartans WON!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, this is just a few weeks late! I just have been too busy living life to blog about it... do you believe me? You shouldn't. I am just a lazy bum!
ANYWAY, Happy new year!!!! We had a great new year's eve at the Hoffman's in Fresno. We played games and stayed up late. The girls had fun and so did the dogs! Dawn took us down to the downtown area in Fresno (not a place to be after dark... or alone!) and we went to a dress shop to look for a Formal Dress for Hannah. We found a gorgeous dress (pictures will folllow in a few weeks) and it was not too bad price wise.
Now we are home and trying to get back into the swing of school schedules. I don't like getting up early!