Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet Kiwi...

our Italian Jackhuahua Spaniel. Thanks for your breed input... I really don't care what breed she is, but I want a catchy answer when people ask me what she is. So, that is our new answer...
so far, the response is good... they look thoughtfully and say "oh... she is really a cute one!"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's play "Name that Breed"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you my Mother?????

So, my favorite pastime lately is trying to figure out what breed Kiwi is. Have you noticed that weird combination dogs are the latest rage? Used to be if your Lab got together with the neighbor's poodle, you would be appologizing and your kids would be outside the grocery store with a box of puppies handing them to anyone who was crazy enough to take the mutt! Now you can get $1500 for your labradoodle puppies! I am thinking that I may really have a valuable dog if I could just figure out what she is! Hahahah!

Kiwi strikes the "Snoopy Vulture" Pose on the back of our couch... maybe she is a cartoon beagle!

I did find out that you can do a DNA test that will tell you what breeds make up your dog... I don't know if I would believe the results, and I don't want to spend the $100 to do it, SO that is where you come in... I am conducting a non scientific poll (VERY NON!) At the end of this LONG post, you can comment and tell me what breeds you think make up my too cute doggie.

So, here is what we KNOW. Kiwi is a purebred dog, her mama is a dog and her daddy is a dog!Kiwi was born in mid to late November. When we got her she was 6-8 weeks old she weighed in at 3 lb 6 oz. She is now 5 months and weighs in at 7 pounds. She is all legs. At the SPCA Kiwi was there with her mama and 3 brothers. The mama looked like a spaniel mutt. One of the brothers was definitely a Jack Russell mix. One brother was a spanielish black and tan puppy. The other brother was a non-breed specific mutt.

One brother looked like this

Everyone always says that Kiwi is a Chihuahua mix.. no offense to the Chihuahua lovers in the crowd, but all I know about the Chihuahua is the Taco Bell commercials and bobble head dogs in cars. I just don't see the resemblance.

In all fairness, I looked for a Chihuahua picture that lookes a lot like Kiwi... I am just not admitting it... don't Chihuahua's shiver all the time?

A Jack Russell... she has that look, doesn't she?

Since one brother looked like a jack russell, and Kiwi has the markings of a JR, we figured the daddy was a Jack Russell... but then how would Chihuahua figure in? I went on a search of spaniel mix photos to find something that resembles the mama. This is the closest I found. This is what she looked like to some degree. She was more "homeless" looking and had at least one more breed mixed in.

Well Guess what, this picture is of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Jack Russell mix! So, maybe the Jack russell came from the mama. But we still don't know what else she is...

My dad was here visiting and said "she's built more like a race horse than a dog" which is very true... AND she runs like I have seen Greyhounds run...
This is an italian greyhound running....all legs off the ground, tail out, head up

These are Kiwi running... all feet off the ground, tail and head up.

But Greyhounds are way too big for this little dog.. at least I thought that until my friend said there were "Mini" greyhounds. They are Italian greyhounds and they look like this. They weigh in at 7 to 11 lbs.. so that is the right size.

Italian Greyhound puppy... looks kind of like our girl

Italian greyhound body style above... Kiwi below
I don't have pictures, but these two poses are ones that Kiwi strikes too.

She definitely has that long legged look and runs like that, but I don't think that they are very common and would infiltrate the Stray dog blood lines.

So, now it is your turn... WHAT BREEDS would you guess Kiwi is???? Leave your comments... this should be fun!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah had a class meeting today for the new charter high school. Since she is part of the first class, they got to help chose the school colors and mascot. They had a 9am-1pm meet your classmates rally. They had narrowed down the choices to: red/black, red/gold, navy/white and the mascots to: cougar, spartan and falcon. They voted and they are now the SPARTANS and will be Navy and white. Hannah was happy about the mascot but the color was not the combo she voted for. Oh well, you learn in life to deal with what you are given. I told her that she wouldn't have been involved in the selection process at all at the other two schools she could have gone to. I am a bit bummed in the mascot.. the three high schools in town are "saints" "warriors"(think roman soldier) and "knights" seems to me they could have gone with and animal. But hey, it is their school and their mascot, so their choice it is.