Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Highlights

Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Bekah made a gingerbread house.

The girls on Christmas morning. Before gifts were opened.
The Girls on Christmas Morning AFTER the gifts were opened. They got a Wii Guitar Hero World Tour Band kit. So they have spent hours now perfecting their drumming.

After the presents had all been removed from under the Tree, I found Kiwi there, under the tree with one of her Christmas presents. The silly dog had dragged her bed across the room to be under the tree!

The Girls with Nana. See how tall they are both getting? Or maybe Nana is shrinking. Or maybe both.

We took Kiwi to see Santa at Petsmart. She is either doing the "walk like and Egyptian" song or trying to make a speedy get away! The only thing that I cared about was it got the girls to pose with Santa.. they wouldn't do it last year.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New year!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy, Busy, BUSY weekend!

This weekend has been BUSY! On Friday, Hannah had her first soccer game. THE very FIRST ever OAHS Soccer game. We are getting used to saying "the very first" about alot of things for school! :o)
The game was at Carpinteria high school in Carpinteria. It is about 1 1/2 hours south of here. The boy's game was at 3pm and the girls at 5pm. They took a team bus and got out of school early at 1pm. We left when Bekah got out of school, ran in to traffic and arrived at the school as the girls were taking the field to warm up. The boys lost 11-0. They have several boys who have never played soccer, so actually being in a game was monumental for some of them.. there is no where to go but up! The girls played really well. Hannah was goalie and had some FABULOUS blocks and saves. Her coach was very complementary of her. She really likes her coach. She played college soccer and even coached at the college level. We feel very fortunate to have her coaching Hannah this year. The girls lost 5-1. They really had fun and the loss didn't seem to get them down. They play Carpinteria again next week. We are hoping that both teams improve upon their scores! When you only have a class of 118 and all freshman, it is hard to compete with teams from 2000 person schools. But the kids are competing and learning alot about playing high school sports! Hannah got back last night at 9pm. She came home, grabbed some clothes and went to spend the night at a friend's (and fellow soccer player's) home. I picked the girls up this morning (Saturday) at 6:50 am so we could go help reseed the soccer field at school. This is a school of 118 kids and at 7am, there were 37 of them ready to help. What a great "family" building activity! (they also logged community service hours for this.. they need 40 hours of community service to graduate. So they weren't all totally selfless, but there are easier ways to earn those hours, so I was still pretty impressed.) We finished at 11, and Hannah came home, showered, ate lunch and then I drove her BACK to school to work on the float for the Christmas Parade of Lights which was tonight. They finished the float at 3:30, and needed to be at the parade staging area at 4:30. We dropped Hannah off, drove down the parade route a few blocks and found a parking spot. We waited for the 5:20 start of the parade. The OAHS float was entrant number 21 (out of 100 or so), so we watched the parade until they went by. Then we went back to the car, drove to the mall (which is where the parade finished up) and got a table at Red Robin. Hannah came to the restaraunt just as the food arrived (she was pretty thirsty and hungry) and we had a nice relaxing dinner and then drove home. I think that we got home before the parade was over! Hannah is TIRED! And so am I!