Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Crazy Moms...

So, my bff Julie says to me a few weeks ago "we should go to Fresno to see Carrie Underwood, we need a girls trip". We looked for tickets and stumbled across some GREAT seats, so we bought them kind of spur of the moment like. We booked a hotel, arranged for our kids to be taken to school and picked up (thanks Greg, Tim and Nana!) and yesterday we hit the road. We stopped for Lunch in Paso and got to Fresno at 3 pm. Concert started at 7:30. We went to a scrapbook store, I went to Supercuts and got my hair cut (nothing drastic) and were off to see Carrie.
Our seats were in the front row at the end of the catwalk, so we got to see Carrie very up close and personal when she came out to the end, which was quite a bit. I think that I have been ruined for concerts in the future as I will probably never have seats like that again. We stayed the night, slept in (no kids to get to school), hit the road and were home by 2:30 this afternoon.

Here are some pictures of the concert:

At the Save mart Center in Fresno, you walk in from the street level and you are at the top of the stadium. We had to walk down the stairs to the end of the catwalk. We sat on the aisle in the front row.
If someone can teach me how to take self portraits that don't look so scary, let me know.
Josh Turner was our opening act... I really enjoyed his music.
Miss Carrie Underwood.. this girl is SERIOUSLY talented and So very pretty even up close!

Seriously, we were THIS close!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was just a super fun 24 hours with my girl, Julie... we will remember this for a LONG time!