Saturday, September 22, 2007

I should have bought more...

Man, am I a slacker when it comes to my blog!

School is underway. Hannah is enjoying being an 8th grader and being "upper class woman". She has some really great friends. Tonight, she and Sammy are at a drug free party, sponsored by several businesses in town, just for Jr. Highers. She has become the sleep over queen, and spends at least one night at someones house most weekends.
Bekah is a fourth grader, and so far this year has been 1000% better than the last one! Her teacher this year is a great man who is very soft spoken. (when I said to someone that he was quiet, Bekah said "he isn't quiet, he talks all day long!"... so we had to explain that I meant Soft spoken...) Last year her teacher was a this is a good change for Bekah.

Football has started. So we spend fridays going to games. The kids reall enjoy it this year. And they spend the game time with their friends hanging out which means that I can enjoy the game too!

Soccer is underway and the girls are doing well. Today we got back the soccer pictures for Hannah. I never buy pictures because they are not usually great. We get 1 individual picture, one photo button, and one team picture with our registration, so that is all I usually need... well this year, Hannah's pictures are DARLING! I wish I had bought several... oh well, I guess that is what a scanner is for. Several of the parents are upset that the photo company chose this picture for the team picture... it isn't "Serious" enough or something... I think that it portrays this team very well! They are a bunch of goofballs and are having so much fun being on the same team, I LOVE the picture!