Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charter School News

I haven't blogged in a while. The lottery day for the charter school was February 6th. There was no lottery for the High School because there were only 119 signed up for the 135 spots. So the people signed up at that time (Hannah included) are IN! Since then, they have filled the last spots.
We were very excited, but that left us with another quandary... what to do with Bekah.

We had signed her up for the K-8 part of the charter school, mainly to give Hannah an extra chance to get in the high school during the lottery (siblings were guaranteed a spot) But since Hannah was IN it made Bekah IN also. So now we need to decide if we want her to go. The K-8 will have 8 students per grade level, 3 grade levels in one class. It is going to be at a little "country" school about 8 miles from our house. We have always shied away from combo grade classes for Bekah because she isn't a great independent learner. So, we were kind of leaning toward NOT putting her in the charter school. But she is also a quiet student who gets lost in the 32 kid classroom.
I spoke with her 2nd grade teacher (we love her and value her opinion) and she thinks that this might be a GREAT opportunity for Bekah. We LOVE our current school, we love the jr. high that she would go to, this would remove her from both of those. She has friends who will be at the new school, so that isn't a big deal. We don't know who the teachers will be and the fact that you will have the same teacher multiple years makes that a BIG FACTOR!
So, I guess we will register her for the Charter school on Tuesday (the deadline to register, or they give her spot to the next person on the waiting list) and then wait to see who the teachers and principal will be. We can always change our minds later and continue where she is. I will keep you posted.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl XLII National Anthem Jordin Sparks

I think that this is the BEST rendition of the National Anthem that I have ever heard!