Monday, August 15, 2011

Hannah Senior Pictures...

Here are my favorites from Hannah's senior picture session.  This is from the photographer that is approved for the yearbook.  She is having more taken by her good friend Anna later. I appologize for the horrible reproductions.. I got lazy and photographed them instead of scanning.. and then to get the picture with no glare from the overhead light, I put them on my computer keyboard and there is a little blue light on some of them...oh well, I just wanted you to see them.  Isn't she just Gorgeous???

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 9th-February 26th

Wow!! Life has been happening and my posting has not... so let's catch up!

February 9, 2011-  Our 1995 Dodge Caravan.. I needed to take a picture so that we can try to sell it on Craig's List.. however, the picture is as far as I have gotten on that.. ;)

February 10, 2011-  This is Dudley.  Dudley is our friends the Gerardi's dog.  I love Dudley and his "ear hat"  he can make his ears do all sorts of things, but this is my favorite.

February 11, 2011- Hannah wanted to do something special for all the girls in her school (170 of them!) so she ordered and paid for 200 carnations.  They shipped from Bogata Columbia on February 7th and arrived in Santa Maria on February 10th.. in the wee hours of the morning, we finished getting them ready for her to take to school today and give to all the girls as an early valentine from Hannah.  She is so thoughtful.. makes me a proud mom.

February 12, 2011- Ruth and Bill came to spend the day with Mom and celebrate her birthday with her.

February 13, 2011- While Ruth and Bill were here, we took Mom to tour some assisted living facilities.  Today I took a deposit check over to the place that we decided was the very best for her... Magnolia in Old Orcutt.

February 14, 2011-  Tim and Bekah were gone for Valentines day and Hannah had the day off of school.  Hannah and I went to lunch and the outlets.  It was raining, but we really enjoyed ourselves... especially the candy apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

February 15, 2011-  Kiwi LOVES to look at the food on the table from her Vulture Position.

February 16, 2011-  Moonrise and Beautiful sunset out my front door...

February 17, 2011-  Kiwi does NOT like it when Hannah closes her bedroom door.  She will stand outside for HOURS waiting to be let in.

February 18, 2011-  Big rain + wind storm= fence down

February 19, 2011-  what the HAIL????

February 20, 2011-  Our family spent the long weekend having a Star Wars marathon.. start to finish.

February 21, 2011-  This pretty little parakeet is at Magnolia, it is the most unusually colored parakeet I have ever seen with that stripe on its tummy... or was.. the bird died just a few days after I took the picture :(

February 22, 2011-  After big rains we see this guy (or other birds that look just like him) on the golf course outside of my workplace.

February 23, 2011- Mom moved into Magnolia today.  This is a picture of her room (part of it anyway).  She has a beautiful room with a beautiful view.

February 24, 2011-  Varsity Swim Team!!!!

 February 25, 2011-  We are used to seeing birds and squirels and occasional little bunnies outside our office building.. but this guy startled me!

February 26, 2011-   Tim and I drove to Sacramento today.. the snow just had started to fall on Cuesta Grade!  Very unusual for Central Coast weather!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

January 29th- February 8th

January 29, 2011- Hannah and I had to go to SLO to get her a new suit for swim team.  It was a fun Mom/Daughter day.  We had lunch at Firestone Grill. As we were sitting there, I kept watching the Cal Poly students walking around and thought "That is Hannah in just a few years!" It was good to hang out with her.  Need to do it more often!

January 30, 2011- The ProBowl from Hawaii.  Kris Allen sang the National Anthem.  We loved him on American Idol.

January 31, 2011- Getting gas today I noticed the old clock.  Hadn't really "seen" it for awhile.  To busy looking at stuff I guess.  Anyway, I always loved this clock!

February 1, 2011-  Tim's mom's 85th birthday.  Grandson Will and family sent her the cutest flower "cake".

February 2, 2011- Today would have been my Grandad's 107th birthday.  I miss him.  His birthday falls on Groundhog Day.  Today the groundhog predicted  6 more weeks of winter.  In honor of Grandad and Groundhog day, we had a groundhog supper... pancakes and sausage (get it? Ground hog..)

February 3, 2011- Someone told Tim he needed to use a "NetiPot"... so he bought one and swears it is making his cold better... I am not so sure.. but hey it is worth a shot.

February 4, 2011-  Ladies Bonco night at church.  FOOD, FUN and lots of LAUGHTER.

February 5, 2011-  We have been having some of the best weather and the prettiest sunsets lately. This is from the airport.  Looks like Hawaii...

February 6, 2011-  SuperBowl Sunday... Green Bay v. Pittsburg....  In honor of the Superbowl.. A picture of Superbowl rings... these are GreenBay rings from past superbowls... I have some connections :)

February 7, 2011-  Monday nights at church is Mania.. the Jr. High Group.  I am the ride home for Bekah and Allison.  They love to come to Mania.. maybe they are Maniacs?

February 8, 2011-  After 3 straight weeks of people in this house being sick, I thought it fitting to take a picture of the drugs...  we live in a drug house.. but they are all legal :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

January 21th - January 28th

January 21-  This is a picture of my "Studio" also known as my corner of the living room.  It is usually messy.  It is usually unorganized.  It is usually where I spend my evenings.  I can watch TV with the family and still play on my computer or scrap a little. 

January 22- Tonight we ordered pizza from Papa John's pizza.  They are fairly new in the area.  It was pretty cheap. It was pretty good.  I was pretty impressed.  We will be calling them again.

January 23- We had lunch after church today at Jack's in Old Orcutt.  It is legendary for it's pies. We ordered a piece of the Chocolate Cream pie and I had the waitress set the whole pie on the table so I could snap a picture. 

January 24- Hannah had to draw something representing the Salem Witch Trials (they are getting ready to read "the Crucible").. I think she did a remarkable and creepy job.

January 25- This is a picture of "Mud Lake".  It is a water retention area near our house.  The whole of Orcutt knows where Mud Lake is.  It is a remarkably relaxing and yet noisy place.  When there is water in it, there are frogs croaking and birds singing.  It is lovely.

Jan. 26-  So our psychotic dog, Kiwi, loves to go into Hannah's room and climb up into the window to watch the goings on in the neighborhood.  She spends hours on the window sill behind the blinds (she is SO skinny!) barking her heart out. I snapped this picture while pulling out to take Hannah to school.

January 27-  Ahhh.. my guilty pleasure... Cherry Coke Zero!  This is hands down my favorite soda.  We can only get it in cans here which is probably good.  If it came in 2 liters, I would definitely drink too much.

January 28-  Bekah likes waffles in the mornings.  So I make a waffle for her (I have figured out the recipe for a single waffle.. 1/2 cup Krusteez, 1/2 T. Oil and 3 ounces of water- perfect amount for just one waffle) before taking Hannah to school.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Jan. 20, 2011- Living near VAFB we are accostomed to seeing rocket launches.  The low rumble that makes you feel like maybe it is an earthquake.. the pinpoint of light at the end of the rocket and the beginning of the vapor trail. It is spectacular no matter how many times you see it.  So today, there was a launch of a Delta Heavy rocket.  The largest rocket to ever be launched at Vandenburg.  We were all anticipating it. How loud would it be?  How much more rumble? How much more spectacular?  Well... it was kind of disappointing!  We had just finished up work and I was walking back to my car.  My camera was in the car (a few blocks away) so I pulled out my cell phone.  I stood at a good viewing place and waited... the rocket was pretty far up in the sky by the time I saw it.  It had been a relatively silent launch.  No noise, no rumble.  Just a rocket trail.  I tried to get a picture with my cell phone, but the angle to the sun just made the picture useless.  I got back to my car and pulled out my camera and snapped this picture of the vapor trail.

Tim was told that the "noise level" or lack thereof, was due to the rocket using liquid fuel instead of the normal solid rocket fuel.  Whatever the reason, it was kind of a let down.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Jan. 19, 2011- Tonight is the premier of American Idol for this season!  We LOVE AI!  I had to snap a picture of the TV screen.. didn't turn out half bad!  Now, I need to get back to watching!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 14- January 18th

Jan. 14-  Well, yesterday, I took a picture of the view from my desk at work.  So I thought today I would take a picture of the view from my scrapbook table at home.

Jan. 15-  Last night and all day today, I was at the AWAKEN conference at our church. This is a picture of some of my Life Timeline.

Jan. 16-  Tonight, Tim and I went to a movie with Rich and MaryRose Gerardi.  After the movie, we went to dinner at Tanner Jack's in Nipomo.  We had never been there before, but I can promise you we will go back!

Jan. 17- Today was my monthly book club. This is the book we were discussing this month.  I really liked it, but I need to re-read it. I read it about 4 months ago.

Jan. 18-  Tonight was a full moon. I love when the full moon comes up next to the palm tree in our neighbor's yard.  Very California...