Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

So, here I am on Halloween night, watching a chick flick on TV, and handing out candy. My kids and husband abandoned me tonight (I let them do it too!). Tim's football team is playing out of town, so he left at 4pm. Then Hannah left to go trick or treating (I guess that is still OK in 9th grade..) with her friend and spend the night at 5:30, and Bekah was off to trick or treat with Kiana's family at 6...
So, Kiwi and I are just hanging out, and passing out candy. It is lonely.
Before the kids left, I did take pictures, so here they are!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


My little brother, Drex, is 40 today! It is making me feel OLD. I remember when he was born! I remember going to the hospital and standing down in the parking lot, and Mom holding him in the window so we could see. No kids allowed in the hospital back then. No visiting. Then I remember him in a white bassinett (sp?) that had wheels so that Mom could roll him around the house.
I also remember being asked to look after him the next summer and I would take him outside and put him on a blanket and then read all afternoon. He didn't like the feel of grass, so I knew he wouldn't leave the blanket! Oh, it isn't as bad as that sounds, I was on the blanket too! I was just reading, so I wanted to know that while I was lost in the book, he wasn't wandering around.
I remember Natalie and I liked to dress him up, kind of like a live doll! I can't find the infamous picture of the Red leather dress and go go boots, but I am sure you can imaging it! (maybe that trauma explains ALOT about him today!)
Drex and I share a love of science. Although he is much more brilliant than I will ever be (don't tell him that though, I like him to think I am at least as smart as he is!)we have been able to talk about science kinds of things.
We also shared a first car (not at the same time, but my first car became his) a 1965 Mustang I named Maynard. It was a beat up car, but it was a Mustang none the less!
Now, Drex is a middle aged (sorry, dude) husband and father. I know that he puts his family first and that is a testament to the kind of person he is.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family and Glasses

Mimi and Dadad were here visiting for the last 10 days. We had a great time, playing games, watching movies, telling stories. We love it when they come to visit. They left this morning to go to Arizona to see my Aunt Dee. Here they are with Hannah and Bekah this morning on the way out the door.

2 weeks ago, Hannah had a sports physical for school. The doctor told me to take her and get her eyes checked because she didn't do well in his prelim exam. So, while Mom was here, we had her checked and picked out frames. They came in tonight, so it was just a few hours too late for Mimi to see the final product. Hannah is excited to be sporting such stylish glasses. She looks really cute, AND she can now see the board at school!