Thursday, June 26, 2008


So today we slept in then just lazed around the hotel. I think that Bekah spent from 9 am until 3pm in the pool! Then we walked to our other "Tahoe Tradition" and played miniature golf at the Kings Beach Golf course. We always play there (Tim is the same age as the course!). In fact, the last time we were in Tahoe 2 summers ago, on the last night, Bekah won a free game. We kept the coupon in our glove box in the car and pulled it out today to use! The sunset was bright red due to the smoke, and you still can't see the opposite shoreline, but we are having fun anyway. After golf, we go across the street for our other favorite Ice cream place and indulge in ice cream for dinner (its a TRADITION.. don't judge my parenting... Traditions are important! (o: )
We got back to the hotel and went down to the beach to see if Bekah could find some crawdads. No luck, but she had fun anyway. Tomorrow, we are up and out early and driving across Nevada. More later.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation 2008

We are on the road again! Yesterday, we packed up the van, left the dog at "Kiwi Camp" (our friends are pet sitting.. they have 2 dogs, so it is like Kiwi gets her own vacation with her friends!) and headed out. We left town about 2:30 and drove to Auburn, California. We planned for yesterday to be the packing and only driving a little day. So it was. We got to Roseville (just before Auburn) and stopped at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. We were HUNGRY, but then it WAS 8pm. Then we drove the little way to Auburn and checked in to the motel. We slept in this morning and left Auburn around 11:30. We got to Lake Tahoe at 1pm and stopped at "Fanny Bridge" before heading around the lake to our hotel in Kings Beach. It's called Fanny bridge because when you drive by you see everyone's fanny since they are looking over the edge to see the giant trout that live here. There is no fishing from the bridge and they sell fish food so you can feed them, these guys aren't stupid, they know a good spot to live when they see one! There are several large fires in California that are causing it to be super smokey. You can't see the south shore or the mountains around the lake. Here are the girls and Tim out in the water... normally, you would see the mountains behind that boat. Our hotel is right on the beach, so we can walk out of our room and right down to the lounge chair. I already got too much sun and had to come back to the room! We ended the day with one of our Tahoe traditions.. we went to Carnelian Bay for pizza, played miniature golf and then to the ice cream shop. Here are the girls at the golf course, standing by some beautiful lilac bushes.We will be here until Friday morning when we head across the lovely Nevada landscape to my parents house in Idaho.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Way to go Hannah!

Well, She is in High School now! Today, Hannah graduated with her class at OJHS. She was beautiful, and so excited. The School board members give out the diplomas and Jim who coaches with Tim was able to give Hannah her diploma. I snapped the handshake picture, but missed the hug he gave her afterward. Very sweet. After graduation, we went to the Japanese restaurant and sat at the Tapan grill. The kids loved the "show" the chef put on (and the fire he started.. thought he was going to singe my eyebrows at one point!) So it's official, I am the mother of a high school student!