Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rings and things...

So, last night, Hannah was given her class ring at the first EVER OAHS ring ceremony.  Basically it is to recognize that the class of 2012 has now moved from underclassmen to upperclassmen.. technically.  Since they are the top class at the school, they have always been the upperclass, but the symbolic move from the sophmore class to the junior class is a tradition that the school wants to start.  SO, here is Hannah with Mr. Majewski the principal.  He received the FIRST class ring tonight as well (it was a suprise to him)...we are all very sad that Mr. Majewski is leaving as principal.  The district is sending him to a different school. 

And in other happenings,  today is the LAST day that Bekah would walk to school at Dunlap.  She has one more day tomorrow, but it is the 6th grade breakfast, so I will take her to school.  She and her buddy Shawna (who is a 5th grader) have been walking to school everyday for a few years now.  I am going to miss watching them walk down the sidewalk together.