Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, 2009 is gone, it is now 2010... it seems like just last year that everyone was talking about Y2K... but then I guess it seems like just last year Hannah was starting school and now she is in High school!
We went to Fresno (our "tradition") for a New Year's Eve celebration with our friends the Hoffman family.  We had lots of good food, lots of shopping and lots of fun.  The girls are still out of school for a few more days, so we are staying up late, watching movies and sleeping in.  All that will come to a screeching halt on Monday... I am already looking forward to spring break!
Here are a few holiday pictures... Happy New year to you all!

Hannah and Bekah with Nana on Christmas evening... notice they are still in their jammies... that is the mark of a wonderful day!

Bekah and Kirsten

The whole gang Jan. 1, 2010

Hannah and Kelsey