Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall is in the air (well, as much as it gets in the California air anyway)

Hey there... just a few pictures of the season...

Here we are all dressed up at the wedding in Tucson... You won't see this very often in our family, so take a good look! We clean up pretty darn good, don't we?

Bekah and her buddy, Austin, at the pumpkin patch. They were on a field trip. Mom, Dad and Aunt Dee (dad's sister, for those non family people reading) and I crashed the field trip and got some cute pictures.

Aunt Dee, Dad and Mom were ordered to stand for a picture... they didn't want to, but I made them!

Bekah painted a pumpkin for a contest at AWANA... SHE WON FIRST PLACE... She was so excited!

I love the fall... J.

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Great family picture! I wish I could get one of my family where we all look that good.

Congrats to Bekah. Cute pumpkin!

Posted by: Tiffany H | October 27, 2006 at 08:06 PM

Hey! Love, love, love the pictures. Keep them coming! Fall in the Northwest has been surprisingly wonderful as well - clear, warm days with just a hint of breeze and cold nights and mornings. So far so good - but the rain is surely on the way.

Have a great fall - I miss you and love you all - Aunt Nat

Posted by: Natalie | October 29, 2006 at 02:38 PM

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We're back!

Well this weekend we had a great time in Tucson. We went to Tim's niece Carin's wedding.

We had a ball. The reception was interrupted by a HUGE thunder storm... we had about 1/2 an hour of hard rain and lightning (so close that you didn't have time to count for the thunder it was instantaneous!), but then when the rain let up, the party really began!

Carin and Matthew (cousins) share a fun dance

Conga line!

More Conga...

Cousins, Matthew, Hannah and Bekah

All dressed up!

We all got to meet the newest family member, Leo (9weeks), here he is with Great Uncle Marv and Great Aunt Janice

Too cool... and what a heart breaker she is going to be!
We also got to see the Strand family on our way thru the Phoenix area

Kylie, Torie, Hannah and Bekah

That was really nice! We miss them SO much! We are so happy for them and what God will do with their family. We enjoyed seeing their beautiful new Arizona home!

It was a GREAT trip... but the 12 hour drive is a KILLER!

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Great Times! Thanks for the memories and the pictures! It was so wonderful to have the whole clan in one spot to celebrate this occasion! YEAH! GO CARIN and JOHN!

Posted by: Matt Pettey | October 18, 2006 at 01:14 AM

We loved your newest blog!!! It was so great to see you all at Amy & David's wedding -- thank you again for coming! And for saying those sweet things about us! You are truly part of our family, and hope we can get together again before too long!! Stephanie and I took a carload of gifts up to their condo (while they're still in San Francisco on their honeymoon) today. So soon I'll be able to actually take down my Christmas tree, etc! It's been so busy getting ready for the wedding, that I haven't had time! Love to you all. Peggy

Posted by: peggy Hofmeister | January 16, 2007 at 05:14 PM