Monday, November 20, 2006

Geek Squad

So Bekah goes to Math Club after school on Tuesdays... her teacher lets them play all the math games she has and can work with anyone who needs help... So, she comes home two weeks ago telling me that Matthew in her class was going to wear a "geek sqaud" shirt to math club. She thought that this was terribly funny... when I asked why, she said "you know mom... Geek: people who like math and stuff, and squad: like a group, a bunch, a CLUB, a squad... get it?

Fast forward to Sunday. Kid's choir singing at church. They wear tshirts with the choir name, and jeans. They have to tuck in their shirts. So she is dressing, I say "we need to tuck in your shirt" I proceed to tuck in her shirt. She looks in the mirror and says in a deadpan tone "this is just great... you might as well just write geek squad on the back of my shirt!" I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.... that is all. J.

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Soccer is over!!!!

Well, after a busy weekend, the soccer season is finally over! I love the soccer season, in theory... I just am very tired of it by November! This weekend we had perfect November weather (sunny and 80 degrees) for the end of the year soccer tourney. Here is how our weekend went:

Friday- Bekah had a birthday party to attend at 5pm, so right after picking up Hannah at school, we went to the store to buy the birthday girl a gift. We also needed to buy gifts to fill a shoe box for a boy in the orphanage in Mexico that our church helps. We bought the gift and shoe box fillings and got home just in time for Bekah to run down the street to the party. We picked Bekah up at 7pm (an hour early) so we could get to the High School football field. We went to the St. Joseph-Torrance football game. This was a first round CIF matchup at St. Joe. The Knights won 35-8. Now they are off to play Covina on Friday (YES, the day after Thanksgiving...)- this is a 3 hour drive that the girls and I WON'T be making. (I won't go to an away game even if it is just across town!)

Saturday- Soccer tourney day... Bekah started the day with a 10 am game. They were undefeated the whole season and a favorite to win the tournament. They lost the first game 1-2... shock, dismay, bewilderment... Hannah was next with a game at 11 am. They were also a favorite team. The season went well with only 2 losses,9 wins and 1 tie. They won the first match up, 2-1. Then we ran back to Bekah's field to see her team play at 12:30. They won this time 2-1. There was a short break to run to Jack in the Box for lunch, and then we were back at Hannah's field at 2:00 to see her team tie the other team 0-0. Then back to Bekah's field to see them win again 1-0. We were expecting that Bekah's team would have to have to play on Sunday in the finals... but the loss in the morning kept them out of the top 4 (they acutally tied for fourth with the team that beat them, so they were fifth) and they didn't get to come back and play for the cup. When I told Bekah that her team wouldn't be playing any more, she said "oh, darn" and with a little smile on her face, went back to playing with her toys... I think she is tired of Soccer too!

Saturday night- I had to wrap the shoe box gift to take to church- let me tell you, I am the packing queen! I got pants, shirt, shoes, socks, underwear(for a 12 year old boy),toys (games, cars, ball etc), toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, lotion, shampoo, pencils, notebook, calendar and some other little things into the shoe box. It was closed and HEAVY!

Later saturday night- I had to make 2 gift albums for the coaches of Bekah's team for the party on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday- Church- Bekah needs to be there early because the kid's choir is singing. So we race to church... she sings both services, I teach High Surf second service, and then Hannah and I race to the soccer fields for day 2. Her team is in 3rd place. But both teams ahead of us are who we play. So, game one starts at 12:40 and they win 1-0. Game 2 doesn't start until 2:50 so we have time to run yet again to Jack in the Box for lunch. Game 2 is do or die for Hannah's team. They need to win to take first place, tie to remain in second place. If they lose, they are in 3rd place and out of the trophy ceremonies. They play hard and tie 0-0 (this team we had played 2 times in the season, lost 2-0 once and tied them 2-2 once) so they finish the tournament in 2nd place. They get the trophies and we run to Bekah's team party. We got home at 6:30 and were all quite tired of being gone!

Oh, and for thanksgiving, I now am sporting a very november like sunburn! J.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006


Well, We had a fun and spooky halloween. This year, Hannah outdid herself in the scary department! Check out her "Frankenstein's Daughter" costume (she designed it herself, picked up some things at the thrift store, and others at Target...)

Bekah was the cutest rock star you have ever seen... watch out Hannah Montana!

We went trick or treating... it was the first time, in a long time, that we didn't go to a festival or something, so we walked for MILES around the neighborhood. The girls were worn out when we got home AND the bags were FULL! They had a great time.

We also tried carving pumpkins this year (well, yes, we have done that before, but not like these!)

While we are proud of our pumpkins, they don't even begin to compare to the man down the street... he has people come from as far away as Idaho (ok, Mom and Dad go every year.. that counts) to see his masterpieces. These are a few of my favorites from this year:

So, that was our Halloween... on Thursday, the kids were out of school (genius move by the district, I must say... they have an inservice day so the teachers don't have to deal with the sleep deprived, sugar hangover kids!) so we went with Mimi and Dadad to Boomers to play miniature golf. They left for Arizona this morning. The house seems empty and quiet. We miss them and Aunt Dee already! Hope your Halloween was safe and fun! J.

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Whee! Thanks for sharing the Halloween pictures! Always glad to see what's happening in your neck of the woods. Halloween night was clear and cool but the very next day the fall rain and storming started and it hasn't let up since! It's definitely fall in (western) Oregon! Take care! - Nat

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