Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 9th-February 26th

Wow!! Life has been happening and my posting has not... so let's catch up!

February 9, 2011-  Our 1995 Dodge Caravan.. I needed to take a picture so that we can try to sell it on Craig's List.. however, the picture is as far as I have gotten on that.. ;)

February 10, 2011-  This is Dudley.  Dudley is our friends the Gerardi's dog.  I love Dudley and his "ear hat"  he can make his ears do all sorts of things, but this is my favorite.

February 11, 2011- Hannah wanted to do something special for all the girls in her school (170 of them!) so she ordered and paid for 200 carnations.  They shipped from Bogata Columbia on February 7th and arrived in Santa Maria on February 10th.. in the wee hours of the morning, we finished getting them ready for her to take to school today and give to all the girls as an early valentine from Hannah.  She is so thoughtful.. makes me a proud mom.

February 12, 2011- Ruth and Bill came to spend the day with Mom and celebrate her birthday with her.

February 13, 2011- While Ruth and Bill were here, we took Mom to tour some assisted living facilities.  Today I took a deposit check over to the place that we decided was the very best for her... Magnolia in Old Orcutt.

February 14, 2011-  Tim and Bekah were gone for Valentines day and Hannah had the day off of school.  Hannah and I went to lunch and the outlets.  It was raining, but we really enjoyed ourselves... especially the candy apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

February 15, 2011-  Kiwi LOVES to look at the food on the table from her Vulture Position.

February 16, 2011-  Moonrise and Beautiful sunset out my front door...

February 17, 2011-  Kiwi does NOT like it when Hannah closes her bedroom door.  She will stand outside for HOURS waiting to be let in.

February 18, 2011-  Big rain + wind storm= fence down

February 19, 2011-  what the HAIL????

February 20, 2011-  Our family spent the long weekend having a Star Wars marathon.. start to finish.

February 21, 2011-  This pretty little parakeet is at Magnolia, it is the most unusually colored parakeet I have ever seen with that stripe on its tummy... or was.. the bird died just a few days after I took the picture :(

February 22, 2011-  After big rains we see this guy (or other birds that look just like him) on the golf course outside of my workplace.

February 23, 2011- Mom moved into Magnolia today.  This is a picture of her room (part of it anyway).  She has a beautiful room with a beautiful view.

February 24, 2011-  Varsity Swim Team!!!!

 February 25, 2011-  We are used to seeing birds and squirels and occasional little bunnies outside our office building.. but this guy startled me!

February 26, 2011-   Tim and I drove to Sacramento today.. the snow just had started to fall on Cuesta Grade!  Very unusual for Central Coast weather!


Mom and Mimi said...

Hey, Sweetie....We really enjoy the pictures...and the latest crop were the best yet! Keep it up - you've got two fans in Idaho....

We can't figure out, though, when exactly you went to the Pastor's Retreat...the picture of the Cuesta Grade was taken Saturday, right? But the text message saying you had arrived at the Retreat was Sunday evening....did you get caught in a blizzard? Just wonderin'......

~BridgetL~ said...

what a sweet daughter you have raised. I hope her friends appreciated the carnations. Good luck in seeling your van.

oh man looks like you have some work to do on the fence.

great job catching up.