Friday, March 6, 2015

I am a BAD blogger!

Ok, so WOW! My blog hasn't been updated in literally YEARS! So let's recap....

  • Our church closed in April of 2012 after 20 years. Worst time in my entire life.
  • In June, Hannah graduated high school and Bekah graduated from 8th grade.
  • God provided for us by giving me a full time job at SJHS in a year where they were  cutting staff. That provided us with insurance for the family.
  • Hannah attended Joshua Wilderness Institute. What a life changing, difficult and wonderful year for her.
  • Bekah started her freshman year at Righetti high school. 
  • In April 2013 we headed up to the TriCities of Washington so that a pulpit committee could hear Tim preach at a neutral site. Later that day we drove to Sunnyside, Washington to look at the church and area. On an impromptu tour of the GORGEOUS high school, Bekah stunned us by getting up on the stage of the amazing theater arts auditorium and said "to be or not to be"! So totally out of her shy character, especially in front of total strangers. We drove home and wondered if God was doing something in this.
  • In May, Hannah finished at JWI and moved into staff housing at Hume Lake for her summer on staff there.
  • In June, Bekah and I finished school, and then the three of us drove back to Sunnyside for Tim to canditate at First Baptist Church.  The weekend went well and we were asked by the church to Three weeks! We drove home, put our house on the market, packed up our belongings and moved away from our friends and neighbors of 20+ years and the only home our kids had ever known.
  • We moved into the parsonage on June 28 and Tim began as Pastor at Sunnyside First on July 1, 2013.
  • In August, Hannah finished at Hume, graduated from JWI and moved here to be with us.
  • We spent 2014 just getting used to the new situations we have been encountering.
  • SO, here we are in March 2015. Bekah is just finishing up her junior year at SHS. This weekend finds her in the last weekend performances of the 3rd drama club production that she has been in! Who knew?! Hannah is finishing her last 2 quarters of her associate degree from Yakima Valley Community College and is heading to George Fox University in the fall. I am just finishing up my 5th quarter teaching in the Adult education program at YVCC. Tim is feeling more and more at home in his position as the pastor of Sunnyside First. We are enjoying living in this small farming community. Still making friends and establishing  routines. It is more "home" everyday.

So, now you are caught up. My next post will not be in years.... :)

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