Friday, January 28, 2011

January 21th - January 28th

January 21-  This is a picture of my "Studio" also known as my corner of the living room.  It is usually messy.  It is usually unorganized.  It is usually where I spend my evenings.  I can watch TV with the family and still play on my computer or scrap a little. 

January 22- Tonight we ordered pizza from Papa John's pizza.  They are fairly new in the area.  It was pretty cheap. It was pretty good.  I was pretty impressed.  We will be calling them again.

January 23- We had lunch after church today at Jack's in Old Orcutt.  It is legendary for it's pies. We ordered a piece of the Chocolate Cream pie and I had the waitress set the whole pie on the table so I could snap a picture. 

January 24- Hannah had to draw something representing the Salem Witch Trials (they are getting ready to read "the Crucible").. I think she did a remarkable and creepy job.

January 25- This is a picture of "Mud Lake".  It is a water retention area near our house.  The whole of Orcutt knows where Mud Lake is.  It is a remarkably relaxing and yet noisy place.  When there is water in it, there are frogs croaking and birds singing.  It is lovely.

Jan. 26-  So our psychotic dog, Kiwi, loves to go into Hannah's room and climb up into the window to watch the goings on in the neighborhood.  She spends hours on the window sill behind the blinds (she is SO skinny!) barking her heart out. I snapped this picture while pulling out to take Hannah to school.

January 27-  Ahhh.. my guilty pleasure... Cherry Coke Zero!  This is hands down my favorite soda.  We can only get it in cans here which is probably good.  If it came in 2 liters, I would definitely drink too much.

January 28-  Bekah likes waffles in the mornings.  So I make a waffle for her (I have figured out the recipe for a single waffle.. 1/2 cup Krusteez, 1/2 T. Oil and 3 ounces of water- perfect amount for just one waffle) before taking Hannah to school.


Mom and Mimi said... go, girl! Love the pictures, ( I feared you were going to write the week off...I checked every day =-) I'm glad you're sticking to it!) Tell Hannah that I am IMPRESSED with her artistic talents! And where, exactly, IS Mud it on the corner of 101 and Clark? I can't think of another 'low' area close to you.....

Janette (scrappinjanettey) said...

Thanks, Mom.
Mud lake is on the corner of Kenneth and Via Santa maria... kind of behind the mormon church by Dunlap.

~BridgetL~ said...

Wow, just looking at the pie and I want to reach thru my computer screen and take a piece. Hannah is a pretty great artist. Glad you are keeping up with the pictures. :)
We have prompts weekly if you ever need a little help. :)

Lynn said...

That pie is AMZING! Well, it looks amazing, anyways! good thing I can't taste it! LOL!
Hannah did a great job on her drawing!
It was great to catch up on your blog this morning!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Can I have a piece of that pie?!? So not part of the diet!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Hannah's artwork is very well done! Reminded me of my visit to Salem, MA on my honeymoon. Ummm...don't recommend taking the tour at the museum especially in October (Halloween season!). Funny (peculiar not ha-ha) how you hear the story of the witch accusations being false and the pain the people went through... then the gift shop and town is full of witchy things - very ironic and sad.